Brent Spence Bridge Lanes Reopen; More Work To Come

Aug 24, 2017

There's good news coming for commuters who use the Brent Spence Bridge. All four lanes of northbound traffic will reopen early Friday morning, along with all the on and off ramps. Project spokeswoman Betty Hull says it comes after two months of bridge maintenance.

Southbound traffic reopened last weekend. Hull says the contractor is on schedule.

"They replaced the concrete that was on the bridge," she says. "They did some seal repairs. They began upgrading the lighting and drainage system on the bridge, which is one of the things that will continue as work goes on over the next several months."

Hull says some work still needs to be finished up after Labor Day. That work will be done at night and shouldn't affect the daytime commute. She says it should be done by mid-November.

Hull says the re-opening should relieve some pressure on the alternate routes. "On I-275 and I-471 and on even some of the local routes that people were using to get around the bridge, there was an uptick in traffic."

She says all of the work is part of regular maintenance meant to keep the bridge operational.