Council Member Pastor Wants Off Budget And Finance Committee

Feb 7, 2018

Cincinnati Council Member Jeff Pastor resigned Wednesday from council's Budget and Finance Committee.

Pastor's staff emailed an aide to Council Member and committee chair David Mann with the resignation.

For the last seven years, all nine city council members have served on the Budget and Finance Committee, which has the final say on many items involving spending.

"It has never been a requirement that all members of City Council serve on the Budget and Finance Committee," Pastor said in a written statement. "I believe I can do more good by concentrating on my work as chair of the Neighborhoods Committee, where I'd like to focus on energizing our neighborhood business districts and making sure our citizens receive proper customer service."

Pastor will continue to serve on the Law and Public Safety and Economic Growth and Zoning committees.

David Mann said he talked with Pastor about the resignation and asked him to reconsider. Mann said the committee works better when all council members are involved.

City Council itself will still have to approve the Pastor resignation. He will have to submit a motion asking to be released from the committee.