CVG tracks mobile devices so lines move quicker

Jun 11, 2014

Credit Michael Keating / WVXU

CVG is the first airport in the nation to use BlipTrack, designed by Lockheed Martin, to help passengers get through the airport faster.

The mobile tracking system, already used internationally, is now on-line at CVG, allowing the airport and you to know just how busy certain areas are like check-in and security. Lockheed's Director of Global Airports, Martin Bowman, says it discreetly monitors for Wi-Fi signals from mobile devices at areas like check-in and security.

Bowman stresses the system is anonymous and does not save any information from passenger smartphones or iPads.

Based on the information the airport gets, it could possibly open another line. Or you, as the passenger, could check if those areas are busy on airport boards or online at home.