Deadly School Shooting In Kentucky, Change Could Come At Kings Mill Schools And Celebrating Fiona

Jan 26, 2018

Two teens are killed and 12 others shot at a high school in southwest Kentucky. Mayor John Cranley says he will continue his efforts to remove Cincinnati Park Board Leader Dianne Rosenberg after a judge voids a council vote confirming Cranley's pick to replace her. The Kings Local School District could soon have its first African-American board member. More changes are in store for The Banks. And the world's favorite hippo, Fiona, celebrates her first birthday.

Joining us to discuss this weeks top stories are Louisville Courier Journal reporters Darcy Costello and Thomas Novelly; Insider reporter Lucy May, Enquirer columnist and Editorial Board member Byron McCauley; and WVXU reporters Ann Thompson and Tana Weingartner.

Lucy May is the author of "My Best Friend Fiona," illustrated by WCPO editorial cartoonist Kevin Necessary. For more information on the book and to learn more about Fiona's first year, click here