Drunk Music Reviews: The Reviewer of the People

Apr 24, 2013

Caitlin Behle and John Sebastian are passionate supporters of local music - and local beer.

They started Drunk Music Reviews in 2011 as an extension of Each Note Secure, the local music blog.


Though they don't appear to take themselves too seriously, it looks like the city has.  This year they received a coveted Best of Cincinnati award from CityBeat Magazine for "Best Drunk Live Band Caricatures."

The premise behind Drunk Music Reviews is simple: view the bands the same way most of the crowd is  -- while drinking -- and just write what you feel.  Normally, Caitlin tweets her comments during the performance while John sketches a portrait of the band.

Their reviews are often succinct, pointed, sometimes painfully honest and usually full of good humor.

For a look at some of John's band caricatures, visit the Drunk Music Reviews Tumblr page.

Music: Piltdown Man by The Guitars