Duplicate voter registrations eliminated in Ohio, Husted says

Oct 29, 2013

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted says that with the help of Ohio’s 88 county boards of elections, his office has virtually eliminated duplicate registrations from the state’s voter registration data base.

In a release Tuesday, Husted said there were more than 340,000 duplicate registrations when he took office in Jan. 2011. Today, he said, out of about 7.7 million registered voters, there are only four remaining.

“The success our state has had cleaning up the voter rolls is one example of how we are making it easier to vote and harder (to) cheat,’’ Husted said in his release.

Husted cited the following as signs of progress that have been made:

  • Voters records with complete information are up from 20 percent in Jan. 2011 to 86 percent today.
  • More than 129,500 voters have updated their addresses using the online change of address system.
  • Since Jan. 2011, about 245,000 deceased Ohioans have been removed from the voting rolls.
  • About 370,000 voters who either moved out of state or within Ohio were contacted prior to the Nov. 2012 presidential election to update their voting information or cancel their Ohio voter registration.