Financial help for weather 'safe rooms'

Aug 3, 2012

Large scale 'safe room' at a FEMA complex in Joplin, Mo.

This year's damaging storms have some homeowners looking to create safe rooms to provide a sturdy safe place to go during a tornado or dangerous weather.

Mitigation Branch Chief Steve Ferryman says the Ohio Emergency Management Agency is offering a rebate program to help fund the above or below ground shelters.

“We’ve seen an increase in severe storms and tornadoes in the state. The entire state of Ohio is at risk for a potential EF-5 tornado that brings with it wind speeds of 200+ mph and the potential to destroy or severely damage homes,” he says.

The rebates cover about 88 percent of the cost to build a safe room or retrofit a room in an existing structure. Homeowners are responsible for the rest.

150 recipients will be chosen October 5th. The application date is October 1st.