With Hite Gone, Wind Setbacks Measure Reintroduced Under New Sponsor

Dec 5, 2017

An issue that some believe will reignite the wind energy industry is getting a new wave of support. A previous version of the bill stalled after the resignation of a senator. 

A northeast Ohio Republican lawmaker has reintroduced a bill to decrease wind setbacks, which is the distance a turbine must be from a property line.

Senator Matt Dolan is the new leading voice on the issue. He says the current setbacks handcuff the wind industry.

“We need to send a clear signal that Ohio is open to expanding our energy portfolio and if you want clean energy generation we have the ability to do it.”

Dolan adds that his bill still allows for the counties to decide whether they want to permit a wind farm project or not.

Republican former Senator Cliff Hite was pushing for decreased wind setbacks when he resigned after allegations that he propositioned a state employee for sex.

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