How Financial Opportunity Centers Help Families & Individuals With Personal Money Issues

Sep 14, 2015

Financial Opportunity Centers, helping working families and individuals become economically self-sufficient.

Financial Opportunity Centers are one-stop neighborhood-based centers designed to help working families and individuals achieve financial stability and economic self-sufficiency. The centers provide a full range of services and support, from financial coaching, credit counseling and tax preparation, to employment assistance and enrollment in public benefit programs.

Joining us to discuss the effort to help people become economically self-sufficient are Ayanna Wallace, Financial Opportunity Center program manager with the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio; and, local resident Sherwin Waugh, who is currently enrolled in the Urban League’s Solid Opportunities for Advancement and Retention, or SOAR, class.

The Financial Opportunity Center (FOC) is a collaborative effort between the United Way of Greater Cincinnati and Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC).