Indiana gay amendment passes House

Jan 28, 2014

Indiana lawmakers in the Republican-led House Tuesday passed the gay marriage amendment after removing language that would ban recognition of anything “similar” to same-sex marriage.     That change would also lengthen the process of amending the state constitution, but the clause could be reinserted by Senate Republicans.

The gay marriage amendment clears the Indiana House and goes to the Senate.
Credit Indiana House of Representatives

Measure sponsor Rep. Eric Turner disputes claims by opponents that the ban would hurt economic development. "In 2013, eight of the top nine states with the highest rate of private sector job growth had constitutional amendments on marriage."

House Democratic Leader Scott Pelath called for the proposal’s defeat.  "And let’s for once, Mr. Speaker, accept the fact that we’re changing.  And when we change it’s not the end of the world."

The measure now goes to the Senate Judiciary Committee for consideration.