Jury expected to get Tracie Hunter case Tuesday

Oct 6, 2014

Special Prosecutor Merlin Schiverdecker quoted Truman and Shakespeare while making his case to the jury as to why they should find Tracie Hunter guilty of all nine charges facing her. But defense attorney Clyde Bennett II said his client is guilty of nothing and the charges were politically motivated.

Schiverdecker, in his 2-hour closing argument, painted Judge Hunter as a judge who doesn't know the rules, does what she wants and has never been held accountable. During the process he claims she has broken the law and negatively affected the people in Juvenile Court. "She didn't want to be co-pilot, she wanted to run the whole show."

Bennett said the prosecution failed to prove Hunter's guilt, not because they are bad lawyers, but because Hunter didn't do it. He said, "They didn't expect a 105 lb woman to fight this case and stand up to the weight of the government. They didn't expect that. They thought she would tap out."

Closing arguments are expected to conclude Tuesday. This is the fifth week of the trial. Hunter is charged with tampering with evidence, forgery, and theft in office.