Library to run 10 year levy request

Jun 27, 2013

The Cincinnati/Hamilton County Library will ask voters to approve a 10-year levy.
Credit Holly Yurchison / WVXU

The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County will ask voters this November to renew its operating levy for ten years rather than the typical five.

The flat, one mill renewal costs the owner of a $100,000 home about $30/year, according to Library Director Kim Fender.

Fender says the library board chose to ask for a ten year renewal for planning purposes.

"A five-year (levy) doesn't really give us the time to do the long-term planning for our facilities maintenance and our services we provide because it's just too short a cycle," she says. "With a ten-year, having that stability of our funding will let us do that longer range planning knowing what to expect at least from local funding. State funding, of course, will still be every budget cycle, perhaps different."

Fender says two-thirds of the library's funding comes from the state. The other third, about $17 million per year, comes from the library levy.

Fender says campaign efforts will begin soon.