LX Sessions: Tweens Get Attention With 'Nasty Doo-Woppy' Rock

Apr 24, 2013

Though they've only been playing together for a year or so, Tweens has exploded onto the local music scene and things are definitely going their way.  

The pounding punk-rock-driven rhythms of Jerri Queen on drums and Dabney Teen on bass are balanced nicely by the doo-wop vocals brought by lead singer and guitarist BB Tween.  BB wears her girl-group pride like a badge of honor and shows it off by doing covers of songs by The Dixie Cups, The Pleasure Seekers and Cincinnati's The Teardrops.

In late March, Tweens opened for indie-rock royalty The Breeders at The Southgate House Revival in Newport.  Since then, Kim & Kelley Deal have asked them to share a few East-coast tour dates with them.

I was fortunate to catch-up with this Cincinnati trio to talk about their music and have them play a few songs before they took off to Nashville.

Song List:
Bored in the City
Be Mean
Rattle & Rollin'
Gonna Steal Your Boyfriend* 

*Originally recorded by The Teardrops - Saxony 1008 (1965)

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