Manuel Foggie (non-incumbent)

Oct 24, 2017

Background: Private investigator, volunteer firefighter, district manager for Cricket Wireless. A student at Mount St. Joseph University and a graduate of Northwest High School.

On the issues: At the age of 20, Foggie is the youngest candidate on the ballot. He says that as a young adult, "I can bring fresh ideas, a different perspective." Cincinnati, he said, "is not a bad city; it is just not keeping pace with the needs of so many of its people and people are feeling left out." He wants to work on improving the Metro bus system, even if it means finding a new funding source, such as an increase in the county sales tax. "One thing that needs to happen with the bus system is new routes," Foggie said. "You shouldn't have to go through Government Square downtown to get from Northside to Walnut Hills."

You can find more on his campaign website here.