Negative Tone Worries and Disgusts Local Voters

Mar 15, 2016

University of Cincinnati student Christopher Steward felt a little uneasy as he walked out of his polling place Tuesday at Little Sisters of the Poor. He's unsure of the country's direction and has been talking to his friends about it.

"We are all like, thinking everything's up in the air, pretty scared. But we'll see what happens. Hopefully everybody just comes out to vote because that's all we can do."

Mohamed Yehdhih voted at the same polling place in University Heights. He says he's not very opinionated but the negative campaigning bothers him. "Maybe it has something to do with the candidates that we have. The pool of people that we have that's brought in something different than we've seen before."

One voter, who didn't want to give her name, at the Bond Hill Recreation Center said she worries about the effect this negative campaign will have on children and grandchildren. "These kids are paying attention."

Liberty Township's Kevin Osborne identifies as a socialist. He says, "The right has gone so wrong, so far to the right where we need to push back on the left.

"I know politics is a pendulum. There was a time when I would have never voted for a Democrat," Osborne says.

George Cunningham also lives in Liberty Township and voted at the Lakota East Freshman Campus Building. He says, "I'd rather go to a boxing match and see a good fight than see what I've seen on television."

Butler County voters also are deciding who will fill John Boehner's unexpired seat. They have to vote twice in that race. Once to choose a candidate for the June 7th special election to fill John Boehner's unexpired term and another to choose a candidate for a full two year term, to be chosen in November.