Plans Underway For Second Cincinnati Women's March

Jan 4, 2018

Plans are underway for the second Cincinnati Women's March scheduled for January 20, 2018 at the Freedom Center. At last year's event thousands of women, men and children crowded together at Washington Park to demand their voices be heard by the new Trump administration.

"The idea is we're still here a year later. We're not going anywhere. We have been fighting for a year strong. We continue," according to organizer Billie Mays.

The theme for the January 20 event, held in conjunction with hundreds of other marches nationwide, is "Hear Our Vote." Mays says she and others want to elect people who value "women's rights and equality for all people."

At noon thousands of people are expected at the Freedom Center for a rally and a march through downtown Cincinnati.

Mays realizes there is a big divide in the country right now. "But I think it's so important we come together in the issues that we can agree on instead of always fighting and disagreeing about everything we don't agree on."

She says at the heart of the rally and march is "caring about people."