Seelbach releases alternative plan to leasing parking

Mar 1, 2013

Update: Cincinnati Council Member Chris Seelbach Friday released a different plan to balance the city's budget without leasing the city's parking facilities. 

He posted the plan on his Facebook page.

His plan includes nearly $5 million in spending cuts, redirects anticipated casino revenues to help the troubled general fund, and puts two issues on the ballot for voters to consider. 

He said the charter amendments include a ten dollar a month trash fee and another increasing the city's admissions tax by two percent.

“Cincinnatians are both opposed to the parking deal and are opposed to dramatic cuts to public safety,” Seelbach said in a press release.  “Allowing voters to decide for themselves instead of pushing through an unpopular parking deal is the more responsible option.”

The spending cuts wouldn't result in massive layoffs. Instead, 20 vacant positions would go unfilled. 

Seelbach also confirmed Friday he'll vote against the proposed parking lease agreement if it comes to a vote Monday.

“Many of my colleagues have opposed the parking plan but so far none have released an alternative,” Seelbach said.  “I hope they will join me in supporting ‘Plan S’ as an alternative to both the draconian public safety cuts in ‘Plan B’ and to the ‘Parking Proposal’, which most residents seem to overwhelmingly oppose.”

The $5 million in spending cuts include many reductions in Administrative services at the City, cuts to Council & the Mayor’s office, reductions in some Recreation & Health programs, consolidation of several Police & Fire services, freezing of 20 vacant positions, and the elimination of various car allowances among other reductions.  In total, no pools are closed and no recreation programs are ended.