StoryCorps Pulls Into Cincinnati In April

Feb 24, 2017

StoryCorps is bringing its Airstream recording studio to Cincinnati in April. The non-profit oral history project is partnering with Cincinnati Public Radio.

Associate Director Jordan Bullard says they'll be looking for Cincinnati stories.

"StoryCorps is a public service," Bullard says. "People can come in and record with us on a first come, first served basis. There's no kind of qualifier. This could be your first day in Cincinnati and you could come record with us, or you could be five generations in Cincinnati and come record with us. Either way, we're happy to have folks come in and record their stories."

Bullard also recommends not rehearsing what you plan to talk about.

"If they come in and think that it's their opportunity to be radio famous, (that's) probably not the best approach. I would encourage them to come in and maybe they have a burning question that they've wanted to ask their mother for years. Or, maybe, they want to come in with a really great friend and memorialize someone that's important to both of them."

You can start signing up online for a recording spot at 10 a.m. on April 6, 2017.

StoryCorps will record in Cincinnati from April 20 to May 19.

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