Suspect "Openly & Readily" Attacked Cincinnati Police Officer

Mar 13, 2017

In a weekend Walnut Hills incident described as an "ambush," domestic violence suspect Damion McRae allegedly pointed hisĀ  9mm carbine rifle at Cincinnati Police Officer Ken Grubbs and started shooting. The officer sustained injuries to his abdomen but is expected to survive.

Damion McRae, the suspect charged with shooting at police, has been in trouble before. He's served time for drug dealing.
Credit Cincinnati Police

Police Chief Eliot Isaac says that as the District 4 officer was going down, Grubbs fired back at McRae, as did his partner Officer William Keuper, wounding McRae in the 2600 block of Gilbert Avenue early Sunday morning.

According to the chief, "He very openly and readily attacked our officer and our officers responded accordingly."

McRae is expected to live and is charged with attempted murder and having weapons under disability.

"It hasn't been long since Sonny Kim was assassinated and this was essentially an assassination attempt of two police officers," Mayor John Cranley said at the Monday morning press conference. Cranley also said, "This was essentially an ambush. And this guy McRae just started shooting at cops."

Police also recovered a .22-caiber revolver.

McRae has a long rap sheet. He's been in and out of prison for drug trafficking.

McRae's live-in girlfriend initially called police to report he was getting violent. Here is a recording of the 9-1-1 call: