UC College Of Law Hosts Free Conference On The Dangers Of Predatory Lending Practices

Oct 30, 2015

With all of the lending options out there, it’'s important to know how to avoid falling into a debt trap.
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When it comes to taking out loans for a car, higher education or other needs, it’'s imperative to be informed about the lending process. Otherwise, it’'s easy to fall into a debt trap, where one can end up in a spiral of increasing debt. Good practices can be difficult to discern when there are so many advertisements involving predatory lending.

University of Cincinnati College of Law Professors Emily Houh and Kristin Kalsem join us today, to discuss ways that individuals can avoid falling into these financial traps and suggest safe alternatives. A free conference, “Dodging the Debt Trap,” about this will be held at UC’s College of Law next Friday.