Ohio News

A city is not immune in the case of a crash involving a stop sign that was obscured by a tree. That’s the finding of the Ohio Supreme Court. 

The state's top watchdog says some parole officers have violated policy on how parolees can be detained. 

Ohio’s minimum wage is set to increase on January 1st

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled an experienced police officer’s testimony is sufficient to prove a driver was under the influence of drugs.

Abortion is always a contentious issue at the Statehouse. This year was no exception, as abortion ban bills took front and center stage amid the backdrop of the controversial election season.

2016 started with a shift in the tide when it comes to accountability and transparency for charter schools in Ohio. But the year ends with some big questions marks about charter schools and other issues in education.

Ohio has a big coal industry, but also has a lot of land for wind energy development. And state officials seems to be floating in the middle as far as energy policy goes. The energy issue pulled the state in two different directions.

Every two years there are more than a thousand bills introduced in the Statehouse that never get enough support to pass the House and Senate and are left to die at the end of the session. But this was the year many of those controversial bills actually passed. There are still plenty of bills left on the cutting room floor.

A slew of bills that in other years might have been too controversial to touch not only got hearings at the Statehouse this year. They actually passed. 

A new report shows changes made to increase early voting opportunities in Ohio have not led to an increase in voter participation. 

Ohio lawmakers won’t be coming back into the lame duck session to override Gov. John Kasich’s vetoes on controversial legislation. 

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled records of most criminal investigations are public records once the trial is over. 

The Ohio Hospital Association and others are suing the state over a new law set to go in effect next month that makes prices for services more transparent to patients. 

Gov. John Kasich has vetoed a bill that rolls back state requirements on electric utilities and clean energy. 

For the first time in four years, the Ohio Senate will have a new president. And he and the incumbent Minority Leader come out of this lame duck session with a lot of work ahead of them when they return in January. They recently sat down for an exclusive interview.

The feud between the Donald Trump campaign and Ohio Republican Party chair Matt Borges before the election has turned into a challenge over the state party’s leadership next month. Now the party’s top state officeholder has weighed in with an unsurprising but significant vote of confidence.

The Ohio Supreme Court has sharply split over whether a 112-year sentence for a teenager convicted of kidnapping and raping a Youngstown State student in 2001 is constitutional.

The chair of the Ohio Republican Party is facing a challenge to his leadership at the state party’s meeting next month, after a public feud with the Donald Trump campaign during the presidential race. Matt Borges is now apparently campaigning to keep his job.

Gov. John Kasich has denied mercy for the next inmate in line for execution. But his order also delayed that lethal injection.

The state’s top watchdog says he wants some clarification on when state agencies can pay employees for denied vacation time.

The Ohio House has just ten days left to decide whether or not they want to override Gov. John Kasich’s veto of the Heartbeat Bill. 

A Dayton area federal magistrate has delayed the next three scheduled executions until a challenge to the state’s new three-drug lethal injection method is settled.

There weren’t any surprises inside the Ohio Statehouse today as the state’s 18 electors have cast their ballots for Republican President-Elect Donald Trump. But it wasn’t a day without controversy.

Gov. John Kasich spoke to Ohio’s electoral college, and then signed his name to a stack of bills passed by state lawmakers in the last two weeks.

One of Ohio’s 18 electors who will cast their votes for Donald Trump today is the target of a lawsuit announced over the weekend. But the situation described in the lawsuit is not new in Ohio.

Ohioans from all over the state have converged on the Statehouse today to pay their respects to American icon John Glenn, who lies in repose in the Capitol’s Rotunda.

Many are gathering this weekend to pay their respects to an American icon John Glenn in memorial services. One of Glenn’s last major public appearances was in July at a ceremony renaming Port Columbus International Airport for him. During the ceremony Glenn shared what started his passion for aviation and his hopes for future generations.

Ohio’s tax revenue has fallen short of estimates in the past few months. And recently Gov. John Kasich has brought up the “R” word -- recession. Kasich is now using another term that’s become taboo on capitol square.

State lawmakers are unlikely to come back to do any business before their next session starts next year. And the Republican who leads the House Education Committee says he wants to start a House Education Committee chair says he wants to start talking about school funding now – with a plan to overhaul of Ohio’s way of funding its public schools.

The ball is rolling in Ohio to create the state’s medical marijuana program as a first draft of rules for who can sell medical pot has been released.