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Interim Cincinnati Police Chief Meets With Council Committee About Permanent Job

City of Cincinnati

Cincinnati's interim police chief is beginning the process of meeting with various groups as he works to get the permanent job.  

City Manager Harry Black announced last week Eliot Isaac is his preferred candidate to be the next police chief.  

Isaac answered questions Monday from members of the City's Law and Public Safety Committee.  He said his success should be based on outcomes.

“Not just so much output,” Isaac said.  “We can stand here and tell you we’ve arrested this many people, we’ve taken this many guns off the streets, we’ve collected that many drugs, we’ve done that for years.  It’s not always proven successful.  We need to have processes and strategies that are inclusive of partnerships and that we change conditions.”

Isaac said the department needs the community behind it.

“The efforts we tend to do go well,” Isaac said.  “It’s those times when we try to go at it alone that we don’t have so much success.  In those times when we do have conflict and we don’t agree, I think it’s important to find that middle ground and understand what is at the root of the conflict and try to find a win win.”

Meanwhile, the Hamilton County prosecutor's office is also endorsing him.  Assistant prosecutor Mark Piepmeier told a council committee Isaac is a good man and a great leader.

“He not one of those take the limelight guys,” Piepmeier said.  “He knows what his troops can do and he lets them do their job and to me that’s a good leader.”

Isaac will also be meeting with CPD staff, community members and clergy.  

The city manager said he wants to make a final decision on the new police chief by Christmas.