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Corey Hajim: Is It Time To Rethink What Our Economy Should Value?

About The Episode

As the pandemic reveals the weaknesses of our economy, businesses and consumers are rethinking what they value. This hour, TED's Corey Hajim shares ideas on shifting the role of business in society.

About Corey Hajim

As TED's business curator, Corey Hajim finds the next generation of business innovators and helps bring their stories to the TED stage.

Prior to TED, Corey Hajim spent a decade in finance, most recently as a portfolio manager and analyst at a hedge fund based in New York, where she managed investments in consumer, media, and technology equities. She also spent three years as a reporter at Fortune Magazine.

Hajim is a founding member of the Leadership Now Project, an organization that aims to bolster democracy through business.

She holds degrees from Harvard Business School and the University of Vermont.

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