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A family man's long-buried prison escape is explored in 'The Redemption of Bobby Love'

Bobby and Cheryl Love. (Courtesy)
Bobby and Cheryl Love. (Courtesy)

In January 2015, police and FBI agents showed up at the Brooklyn apartment of Bobby and Cheryl Love. It turns out that Bobby Love — a devoted husband and father — was also an escapee from a North Carolina prison.

The two join us to discuss their remarkable story in the new book, written with Lori L. Tharps, “The Redemption of Bobby Love: A Story of Faith, Family and Justice.”

Book Excerpt: ‘The Redemption of Bobby Love’

By Bobby and Cheryl Love, with Lori L. Tharps

Excerpted from The Redemption of Bobby Love: A Story of Faith, Family, and Justice. Copyright © 2021 by Bobby and Cheryl Love; with Lori L. Tharps. Published and reprinted by permission of Mariner Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. All rights reserved.

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