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Cincinnati's Big Pig Gig bid (trying saying that fast three times) starts today

If you've always wanted to own one of the pigs from the Big Pig Gig, your opportunity has arrived.  Eleven of the fiberglass pigs created for the event this summer go up for auction today. 

You can bid online at the ArtWorks website.  There will also be in-person bidding at The Center in the Mercantile Building in Cincinnati.  That'll be held November 16th, starting at 5 that afternoon. 

Bids start at $1500 with an "Own It Now" price of $15,000.  The proceeds will be used for ArtWorks 2013 programming. 

The pigs that  are up for auction: 

Porky Redstocking

A Streetpig Named Desire

Chrome Pig

Shark Girl Riding Pig

A Puggy Pal

It's a Pig World 

Pig-Stripe Suit


Sowwy Night

Suspension Pig

ArtWorks Mural Pig