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Globe traveling street artists are back in town

In 1998, Chaz Barrissonn and Bob Gibson started their quest to spread their unique street art around the world.  Thirty-five countries, 100 shows and 15 years later, the duo, known as The London Police, find themselves at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport creating a mural near the ticketing area.

"It's based on my signature characters, which are the round-headed guys you see with smiley faces called LADs, and Bob's adept skill at drawing architecture and portraiture," said Barrissonn.  "The mix of these two things gives you the result of a London Police piece as a gift to the people of this area."

Barrissonn is right about Gibson being adept with people and buildings.  I immediately recognize the skyline in the mural as Covington and the portrait as former Reds player Eric Davis.

"I think Bob chose him on the basis of asking local people who was the kind of iconic sportsman they'd like to see," said Barrissonn, who admits he doesn't know much about baseball.  I reassure him that Davis is a good choice.  Definitely less polarizing than one airport traveler's suggestion that it should have been Pete Rose.  (That's an argument for another day.)

Barrissonn and Gibson are in the area as guests of the Covington creative firm BLDG.  They've spent the week painting their art throughout the region and will continue through Tuesday.  Some of the sites, include the Covington Artisan Enterprise Center, Amerasia on Madison Avenue, and Three Kings Bar on Pike Street.  They're also working on a large mural at Cork and Bottle and they'll be placing smaller pieces of their art at various spots around Covington.

The London Police bill this visit as "The Second Coming," as they last painted their way through town three years ago.

Why do they do it?  "We like to have a good time," said Barrissonn.  "We like to make people happy."

This mural will put a smile on your face.