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Want to be a BLINK 2022 artist? Get help applying at a meeting Thursday

blink 2019
Bill Rinehart
A display at the BLINK 2019 festival.

Organizers of the popular BLINK light festival are hosting a town hall this week for artists interested in participating. Artists can apply for light-based installations, murals, projection mapping, or music performances.

The event was last held in 2019 and drew more than a million attendees. Executive Director Justin Brookhart says he hopes to see a lot of innovative proposals this year.

"Artwork and technology has advanced since 2019, and so we're hoping to see things that are really dynamic, and really kind of push the boundary of light-based and technology-based artworks," Brookhart says.

The four-night event will start Oct. 13. Brookhart says they're still deciding which parts of the city will have official installations, but it will span at least 30 city blocks.

"[What's] really been different for us this year is a broader call," Brookhart explains. "We've done a lot more direct curation of those disciplines in the past and we want to just provide opportunities for folks here in the Cincinnati region and abroad to raise their hand and say that they'd like to be involved."

Artists chosen for the festival will be awarded a grant to complete their project.

The deadline for artists to apply is April 29. The informational meeting is Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Registration is required.

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