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What It Will Take To Lead In A Future Of Extreme Volatility

Futurist Dr. Bob Johansen will discuss thriving in a volatile, complex world at next month's "Securing the future" conference.

Author and Institute for the Future Distinguished Fellow Dr. Bob Johansen predicts that leaders will face an increasingly “complex, messy and threatening” future.

In his latest book, "THE NEW LEADERSHIP LITERACIES: Thriving in a Future of Extreme Disruption and Distributed Everything," he proposes disciplines, practices, and worldviews that will be needed to thrive in a world of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

Dr. Johansen will be the keynote speaker for the Leadership Council for Nonprofits' annual "Securing the Future" conference next month. He joins us this afternoon, along with Leadership Council Executive Director Jenny Neyer Berg, to discuss what the future may hold and how to prepare for it.

The Leadership Council for Nonprofits' "Securing the Future" conference takes place Thursday, March 8 at Xavier University’s Cintas Center. This year's topic is “Foresight-Insight-Action: Thriving in a Disruptive World.” For more information and reservations, click here