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Financial advisor Chris DeSimio provides his insight into the financial world.

Ohio Number One For Student Loan Debt
The website Student Loan Hero says student loan debt tops U.S. credit card debt by about $620 billion.

A recent WalletHub study shows Ohio has the most student debt in the country with an average of $30,239 per student.  Nationally, student loan debt stands at a staggering $1.3 trillion.

All this debt is having a crippling effect, as Millennials put off marriage, home purchases, having children and saving for retirement.

Here to talk about the effects of student loan debt and ways to deal with it are Foster and Motley financial planner David Nienaber; Fifth Third Bank Omni-Channel Strategy Director Jen Daugherty; and, from Wells Fargo Advisors in Cincinnati, financial advisor Chris Desimio.

Listeners are reminded that the information provided on the show is general in nature and may not apply to your personal investment situation.