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Cincinnati's Hot Housing Market Is Impacting The Rental Market, Too

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Even through the pandemic, the real estate market stayed hot. New listings are flying off the streets almost as soon as they appear, and often sell above asking price with more than the occasional bidding war. Coldwell Banker Realtor Sue Besl Price says in Cincinnati, the average sale price is up 21% from 2019.

With houses hard to come by, the rental market is also feeling the impact. Price says in this market, with sale prices so high, landlords are deciding to sell and that has tenants on the move. Now leases are hard to come by and rent is going up.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss the hot housing market and the hot rental market are Coldwell Banker Realty Realtor and Associate Broker Sue Besl Price; and Coldwell Banker Realty Realtor Karen Gamel.

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