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Message to NKY businesses: Start using AI or be out of business in 10 years

Mohamed Hassan

Chat GPT and other AI programs like it can boost efficiency and profits. But you have to be careful somebody is overseeing it from the beginning and knows what they're doing.

"It's almost like you're teaching a child," says Global Business Solutions Data Analyst Theresa Guard. "What your child learns when they're young, and when they're 18, you have lost control."

By a show of hands, most of the businesspeople at the Northern Kentucky Chamber's Eggs 'N Issues have used Chat GPT — a from of AI that's still evolving, according to Northern Kentucky University's Dean of College of Informatics Kevin Kirby.

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"It is an alien species, and it will continue to surprise us as the technology grows and evolves," he says.

How AI can go wrong was a surprise to Louisville school administrators. The Jefferson County Public School District hired a Boston company to change its school bus routes using data analytics.

The result of the artificial intelligence-generated bus routes? Disaster and delay of classes for a week. It had students walking along highways without sidewalks and others waiting hours for a ride to school.

Guard says the person who oversaw the creation of the new school bus routes needs to be fired because they should have entered in certain parameters like "No walking down the side of a highway."

She uses Chat GPT to write computer code but says the applications are endless. "You need to cut what is not working in your company, go to the edges and start playing with this (AI) and see where it's going to go. Because they're predicting you either get on the AI train or you will be out of business in 10 years."

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CEO of the KR Digital Agency Kendra Ramirez says businesses can use AI to do work they don't want to. "HR: who likes writing job descriptions? Anyone? No, no one. Performance reviews: One gentleman, his team, he had 50 people he had to do quarterly performance reviews."

Ramirez and other panel members cautioned companies to guard their sensitive data because Chat GPT is not secure. They also advised creating an AI policy and having a code word in case somebody's phone is spoofed and their voice has been cloned.

Ann Thompson has decades of journalism experience in the Greater Cincinnati market and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her reporting.