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The Practice of Organizational Leadership (Free Class!)

The Practice of Organizational Leadership (Free Class!)

The Practice of Organizational Leadership

You lead people; you manage things.

Running an organization requires both leading and managing. Truly successful organizations are headed by people who practice both arts in conjunction. Indeed, it is the overlap of the two where the magic happens.

Presenter Andy Foerster draws on a variety of organizational leadership challenges, from Boy Scout troops to nuclear submarines to manufacturing companies. There are common threads whether you work in military, a non-profit, or very much for-profit company:

- It is always the people that keep an organization running and bringing delight to its customers and that help you thrive.
- Organizations must be managed through a system and set of processes that bring predictability, consistency, and sustainability.
- Perfection is unattainable so run your organization like a practice, learning and growing every day.
- There is no single, one-right-way to do something.

While there is no single right way to lead people, there are certainly good practices and skills in working with a team. Come learn valuable insights that will help your approach to leading an organization told through enjoyable and relatable stories.

What exactly are the Business Catalysts?

The Business Catalysts are dedicated to helping businesses get better by bringing together top presenters in various disciplines who share freely from their expertise and experience as a way to give back to the business community. Each month, in about an hour, these free sessions will help you to learn valuable skills and gain new perspective that you can apply immediately in your business in areas such as marketing, sales, culture, IT, leadership and more.

Practical, relevant topics taught by professionals who have decades of experience assisting companies just like yours grow, become more effective and ultimately succeed.

Fueling Business Brilliance.

Redbrick Financial Partners Team Room (4th floor)
01:00 PM - 02:30 PM on Tue, 19 Sep 2023

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The Business Catalysts

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Redbrick Financial Partners Team Room (4th floor)
4055 Executive Park Dr.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45241