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"Room At The Inn" - We Talk About The History And Future Of The Anna Louise Inn

The Anna Louise Inn opened its doors in 1909 with the goal of providing safe and affordable housing for single women. Last month it moved from the Lytle Park building that had been its home for more than a century to a new site in Mount Auburn, the result of a protracted legal battle with Western & Southern Financial Group. In its 106 years, the Inn has served thousands of women from a wide range of circumstances. In this month's Cincinnati Magazine, supporters, along with current and former residents, shared their stories about what the Inn has meant to them. Joining us to talk about the history of the Anna Louise Inn and its mission are Mary Carol Melton, executive vice president of Cincinnati Union Bethel, the Inn's parent organization; former Inn resident Sallie Mullinger; and, Cincinnati Magazine writer Lisa Murtha.

Lisa Murtha?'s article is ?Roomat the Inn.?  It's in the July edition of Cincinnati Magazine.