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UC College Of Law's Center For Race, Gender And Social Justice To Screen "Race To Execution", available for use

University of Cincinnati College ofLaw?'s Center for Race, Gender and Social Justice provides experiential learning, research and interdisciplinary inquiry on issues of race and gender in the law. It allows students to form relationships with their communities on a local, national and global scale. 

The Center is hosting a screening next Wednesday for the film Race To Execution, which depicts the disturbing link between race and the death penalty in the United States.

Here to talk about the Center for Race, Gender and Social Justice and the film are the center's co-director, Professor Emily Houh, JD; Executive Director of the Ohio Justice and Policy Center, David Singleton; Director of  Family and Community Intervention with the YWCA Greater Cincinnati, Erika Yingling; and Race to Execution producer, Rachel Lyon.

For more information about the screening of Race To Execution, click here.