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A Film About Growing Up In Cincinnati's West End, "The Trap," Premieres This Sunday

"The Trap" by local film producer Joseph Prather Campbell shows the challenges many face growing up and living in Cincinnati's West End.

Eleven years ago, in a class on relationships at the Findlay Street Neighborhood House in the West End, a group of African American teenagers was asked how many of them thought they would live past 30 years old. Very few hands went up.

Joe Prather Campbell, the oldest member of that class, turned 30 this year. To give people an idea of the challenges people growing up and living in their neighborhood face, Prather Campbell and some of his friends produced a movie, titled The Trap. The film will premiere this Sunday, April 30, at the Woodward Theater

Joe Prather Campbell joins us, along with Tykia Landrum, who co-starred in The Trap, and Joan Hoxsey, who has served as a mentor to Joe Prather Campbell.

The Trap premieres at the Woodward Theater this Sunday at 5 p.m. Tickets are available on line at and through