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When Cincy Stories Goes To Price Hill Dozens Of Neighbors Start Talking

Chris Ashwell
Cincy Stories spent six months in Price Hill gathering 60 stories from neighbors including pizza mogul Buddy LaRosa.

In the summer of 2017, Cincy Stories was on the move. The non-profit, which hosts storytelling events, relocated its "Story Gallery" from the Walnut Hills neighborhood to a new storefront in Price Hill. Over the next few months, Executive Director Shawn Braley and Creative Director Chris Ashwell captured 60 stories from the people living in the neighborhood.

Cincy Stories started as a series of live storytelling events to bring communities together. They began adding short documentary films, and the team recently launched a podcast. Now Cincy Stories has expanded to offer even more programs for children and the community.

Here to discuss Cincy Stories expanding mission are Executive Director Shawn Braley; Creative Director Chris Ashwell; and Price Hill resident Jen Chandler