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Dating and Consent in the MeToo Era


The MeToo and Time'sUp movements are inspiring new conversations in the workplace, on college campuses and in social circles. For some that means re-examining behaviors when it comes to dating. On many college campuses the standards for sexual consent are shifting from "No Means No" to a more affirmative "Yes Means Yes."

Joining us to discuss dating and consent in the MeToo era are University of Cincinnati Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Undergraduate Director Carolyn Peterson; UC Women's Center Director Dr. Angela Fitzpatrick; and Kyle Ashlee, a doctoral candidate in the Student Affairs in Higher Education Program at Miami University. Kyle is also the co-founder of Ashlee Consulting, a firm focused on building inclusive communities.

UC is screening the film Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution at 6pm on April 16 in the Tangeman University Center. For more information click here.

The Ohio Consortium of Men and Masculinities in Higher Education has an upcoming conference at Denison University. For more information on attending and to contact conference organizers click here.