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Is Communal Living Making A Comeback?

mcgregor house
Courtesy McGregor House
The McGregor House, in Cincinnati’s Mt. Auburn neighborhood, is an intentional living community centered around service to the neighborhood. ";

During our broadcast we mentioned Grailville, in Loveland, Ohio, as being a co-living community. This is incorrect. Grailville has not been a co-living community for many years.

On a recent Sunday night, The McGregor House in Mt. Auburn is having an open dinner with their housemates and guests from the nearby Brewster house. Both homes are intentional living communities, houses where multiple adults live together in a purposeful way.

Lounging on the couches in the unlit living room of The McGregor House, John Klinger, founder of the Brewster House, explains intentional living is different from having a roommate. The members of the house share in a common mission. For the Brewster House, their purpose is education. For The Mac House, it is serving the neighborhood.

Just a few miles away, a different kind of communal living space recently opened its doors. The Kunsthous is a community of co-living apartments designed to bring people together. The co-founders recently opened their newest location, the Kling Flats in Walnut Hills, with two other locations in Over-the-Rhine.

Communal living is by no means a new concept, but it's something many people haven't thought of since the counterculture movements of the 1960s and '70s. Today, co-living may be experiencing a resurgence brought on by rising rental and home prices and feelings of isolation spurred by social media. Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss intentional communities and co-living are McGregor House resident Nick Shaver; and Kunsthous Co-founder John Blatchford.

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