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Today's Librarians Take On Role Of Social Workers

Emily Maxwell
Correna Kuhl, senior library services assistant, greets Joseph McCulley, who used the library as a reprieve when he was experiencing homelessness.

If there was any doubt that libraries would remain relevant in the digital age all you have to do is visit one of the many public libraries in Cincinnati to see how these institutions are evolving with the times to serve a vital role in our community. The hushed atmosphere of the quiet neighborhood branches is something of a thing of the past, and the role of the librarian is far more complicated and demanding than administration, cataloging and research. Today's libraries provide many social services from career counseling to help finding housing and mental health services.

WCPO Photojournalist Emily Maxwell and Reporter Lucy May recently spent time at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County's downtown branch. At the second busiest library in the country, they saw how many people rely on the facility for some of their basic needs. They also profiled some of the librarians who have made it their life's work to help people experiencing homelessness and poverty.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss the new role of librarians are WCPO Photojournalist Emily Maxwell (@EmilyWCPO); and with the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County Senior Library Services Assistant Correna Kuhl; and Civic Engagement Coordinator David Siders.

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