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Meet 5 Men With A Plan To Change Lincoln Heights

The Heights Movement

The suburb of Lincoln Heights is a community with a proud history, but it has faced struggles in recent decades from declining population to disinvestment in the neighborhood. The village was the first predominantly black self-governing community north of the Mason-Dixon line.

Now a group of five young professionals are banding together for their community because they believe Lincoln Heights is on the verge of a turnaround. The men behind The Heights Movement want to improve their community and attract new residents.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss that mission and how to achieve it are The Heights Movement co-founder Daronce Malik Daniels and member Carlton Collins. Daniels is also a Lincoln Heights council member. Also joining the discussion is WCPO reporter Lucy May (@LucyMayCincy).

Daniels and Collins told Cincinnati Edition they remember the negative impact the closing of the community's recreation center had on the community.

Daniels says he remembers violence and drugs being normalized when he was growing up. Today, he's "trying to now make sure that we change the culture and the mindset of people; that that's not what our community is supposed to be," he says. "Just because we dealt with some fractures we still can move on and still prosper."

Collins says the village is still under-resourced but it isn't slowing down their efforts to invest in the next generation. The Heights Movement has started a summer camp and an after school program.

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