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Local Firm Creates Playbook For Public Spaces Post-Pandemic

courtesy of YARD & Co.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been widely disruptive to nearly every aspect of our lives, and in many ways, our communities have managed to respond, to varying degrees of success. That may be because, though this pandemic has been so widespread, deadly and costly, we are somewhat used to disruptions.

Think about how more frequently we experience severe weather events here, or how other parts of the country see more intense hurricanes or tornadoes. And we all know that a cyber attack on our workplace results in change.

Similarly, we will find ourselves on the other side of this pandemic, and some of the ideas implemented during this devastating period can be built upon, according to local firm YARD & Co., which created the Adaptive Place Toolkit to guide communities in their response. Using Cincinnati as an example, the company says pandemics "create an innovative leap year." Examining the use of public spaces, creating opportunities for small businesses, and other areas like transportation and infrastructure, YARD & Co. put together the toolkit with the help of the University of Notre Dame Kellogg School for International Studies.

YARD & Co. principal Kevin Wright joins Cincinnati Edition to talk about it.

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