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Ohio Republicans send Ohio Democrats a cake in Charlotte

The oddest thing that has happened yet to the Ohio delegation to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte happened this morning at the delegation's breakfast at the Oasis Shriners' Lodge.

The Ohio Republican Party and the Romney campaign in Ohio delivered an over-sized decorated cake to the breakfast - and the Ohio Democrats were not amused.

The cake had a message: "It's impossible...it's unpatriotic...We're not better off."

Ohio Democratic Party chairman Chris Redfern said the message on the cake - which was quickly whisked away and hidden - was probably a reference to the fact that the national debt passed $16 trillion last year.

"We have over 100 field offices open in Ohio and they have a couple of dozen,'' said Redfern. "I guess they have plenty of time to bake cakes."

Redfern called it "childish."

Catherine Gatewood, a spokeswoman for the Ohio Victory Campaign, a joint effort of the Ohio Republican Party and the Romney-Ryan campaign, tweeted about the cake delivery Wednesday morning.

The cake will go uneaten, the Democrats said.