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What Motivates A Mass Shooter?

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Experts will examine extremism through a mental health lens and explore the intersection of far-right groups and the rise of mass shootings at The University of Cincinnati College of Law April 13.

After a mass shooting, questions turn to what led the shooter to such a violent act. Was he motivated by hate, as in the case of Charleston, S.C., church shooter Dylann Roof? Was he self-radicalized, as with Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen? The University of Cincinnati College of Law currently is examining what triggers a person to move from hateful thoughts to actual violence.

"Lone-Wolf Terrorism and Self-Radicalization," a daylong symposium on Friday, April 13, features experts from around the country in forensic psychology, extremist groups and terrorist movements. Their talk will focus on how individuals become self-radicalized and the psychology of lone-wolf terrorists.

Joining us from the University of Cincinnati are Academic Director for the Glenn M. Weaver Institute of Law and Psychiatry Valerie Hardcastle, Ph.D.; and College of Medicine Forensic Psychiatry Program Director Christopher Marett, M.D.; and with Mother Jones, National Affairs Editor Mark Follman (@markfollman).

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