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Amber Hunt On The Popularity Of True Crime

amber hunt
'Unsolved Murders: True Crime Cases Uncovered' by Amber Hunt

The popularity of true crime stories seems to be at an all-time high. The first season of the NPR podcast Serial, which re-examined the murder of a Baltimore high school student, smashed download records in 2014. The Netflix documentary Making a Murderer had more than 19 million viewers in its first month. The comedy true crime podcast My Favorite Murder soared to popularity in 2018. The show is live in Cincinnati on March 16 and tickets are sold out.

One blockbuster hails from Cincinnati. The podcast Accused had more than 250,000 listeners in the first two weeks. Cincinnati Enquirer Reporter Amber Hunt and Photojournalist Amanda Rossmann delve into the 40-year-old unsolved murder case of Elizabeth Andes. Hunt is also the author of five true crime novels, including her latest book, Unsolved Murders: True Crime Cases Uncovered.

Amber Hunt joins Cincinnati Edition to discuss why the true crime genre is so popular to audiences and the ethical concerns with reporting on unsolved murder cases.

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