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About This Section
WVXU is the best source for news surrounding education in the city of Cincinnati and throughout the Tri-State. Read and listen to stories about issues and policy from Cincinnati Public Schools K-12 to Ohio State, Northern Kentucky University and Earlham College. Read about the effects of remote learning on elementary school students and the Ohio Supreme Court's decision on arming teachers, and how that may impact districts across the state, including Cincinnati Public Schools.

Read about Ohio State's efforts to assist student athletes in managing their rights to compensation for use of their name, image and likeness, controversies around diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in Kentucky and debates around Ohio EdChoice policy, which impacts private school vouchers and charter school funding. Find out about anti-bullying efforts at CPS Cincinnati and listen to debates around controversial issues like parts of curricula that some local lawmakers have characterized as including critical race theory with analysis from experts like Dr. Monita Mungo, member of the sociology faculty at The University of Toledo, and elected officials like Republican State Representative Jean Schmidt. Keep up-to-date with changing leadership at Cincinnati Public Schools and hear about new research from the University of Akron about how increasing teacher pay can improve students' test scores.

WVXU brings you all the information you need to be part of the conversation around education in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, whether you're the parent of school age children at CPS Cincinnati trying to find out about what your children are and aren't learning, or a college student looking into whether you're eligible for food assistance programs. 91.7 FM meets you where you are to help you learn about the latest news in education as it happens.