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UC/Iraq educational partnership holds November reunion

Two groups from the University of Cincinnati will be going to Iraq in November as part of a State Department sponsored program to improve education around the world.   

This is the third year for the program, which partners UC with Salahaddin University in Erbil, Kurdistan, the northern region of Iraq.  

"We've been working directly with their professors, mainly, in helping to redesign their curriculum and to launch a new career center to support their students as they go out into the working world," said Laura Dell, academic director of distance learning for the UC School of Education.

UC has helped establish a career center at Salahaddin and wants to expand that concept to other Iraqi institutions.

"Historically, Iraq's been a place where you got jobs by who you knew," said Dell.  "There was not a need to know about resumes or interviews, but that's really shifting as they move into a more traditional capitalist method of getting a job."

The first group leaves November Second.  Dell will be part of the second group heading for Iraq on November 8th.  UC is planning a final trip under the grant in April.  However, the university is hoping the partnership will continue. 

UC is among only five U.S. institutions that were selected to work with five Iraqi universities.