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UC to offer co-op model and engineering programs in China

university of cincinnati
Courtesy University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati's cooperative education program is branching out with a new base in China.  The university signed a memorandum of understanding Monday with Chongqing University.  The agreement calls for UC to establish a Joint Co-op Institute for mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.  It also offers UC's curriculum and faculty in those two majors. 

Up to 100 Chinese students are expected to enroll in the new programs this fall.  Within five years that's expected to grow to 500 students.  UC says Chongqing University will cover all the costs associated with the Joint Co-op Institute, while the tuition revenue generated will bring UC about $10 million a year. 

At first, the agreement will only affect students enrolling in the two programs at Chongqing.  UC is hoping the partnership will open up future learning opportunities for UC students for study abroad and international co-op in China.