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TechOlympics provides students with look at Information Technolgy careers

  The ever-increasing volume of information produced each day that touches virtually every aspect of our lives demands a continued supply of trained professionals to properly manage how that information is processed, stored, distributed and protected. A recent survey showed information technology hiring will increase up to 26% this year. The INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati is holding the TechOlympics Expo, a quarter-million dollar production planned and staffed by high school students, on February 20-22 at the Millennium Hotel, to provide students the opportunity to see what IT really means and see where they might fit into the future of Information Technology in Cincinnati. Here to discuss INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati and the TechOlympics are KnowledgeWorks Chief Information Officer Catherine Allshouse, who serves as INTERalliance Leadership Council executive director, INTERalliance Director of External Outreach Rachel Hunter-Rinderle, and Emily Rasmussen, chief marketing officer for INTERalliance.