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A Look At Local Efforts To Promote Childhood Literacy

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One in four children in the United States grows up without learning how to read. 

The lack of this valuable skill puts them at a huge disadvantage not only in getting a proper education, but also in adulthood, when experts say it has an impact on many aspects of life from health to economic security.

Joining us to look at local efforts to promote literacy among children are the Director of the Reading and Literacy Discovery Center at CincinnatiChildren?'sHospital Medical Center, Dr. Scott HollandCincinnati Children's Hospital Pediatric Primary Care Center attending physician Dr. Greg Szumlas, who directs the Reach Out and Read program and Greater Cincinnati Reach Out and ReadCoalition and Dr. John Hutton, pediatrician at Cincinnati Children?'s and owner of the Blue Manatee Children's Bookstore.