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Financial Literacy: Library Helping Teens Get Smart About Money

Mattie Richards
Traveling exhibit at the Main Library gets teens "Thinking Money" with interactive displays.

It is never too early to talk to your children about money. A new traveling exhibit at the Main Library can help families start the discussion. "Thinking Money" aims to make financial literacy a topic that's both understandable and fun for adolescents. The exhibit is framed with an adventure theme and includes interactive technology to engage teens.

In addition to the exhibit the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County is offering a series of "Thinking Money" classes, which are free to attend at several library branches in the coming month.

Here to discuss the "Thinking Money" exhibit and the importance of teaching financial literacy to our children are the Main Library's "Thinking Money" project manager and TeenSpotDepartment manager Jennifer Korn; Tony Staubach, OSU Extension Services of Hamilton County program manager; and Dr. Valerie Krugh, director of the Economics Centerat the University of Cincinnati.

For more information on the Public Library's "Thinking Money" exhibit and classes click here